Hosted by the UC Berkeley Anti-Trafficking Coalition,  “Freedom in Action” is a biennial conference that aspires to connect students, academics, and community members to partner and collaborate on efforts to combat modern-day slavery in the 21st century.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Trafficking at the Intersections.” The conference seeks to move beyond the common public narrative about human trafficking and instead explore the nuances of slavery and freedom. We will ask questions such as: What other social inequalities intersect and perpetuate human trafficking? How can we combat this epidemic in our community from a multi-pronged approach? What does it mean to truly be ‘free’?

This conference will encourage discussion between people with different conceptions and experiences of human trafficking and aims to present best-practices for engaging in anti-trafficking work, and to connect with local organizations leading the anti-trafficking movement in the Bay Area.

The Freedom in Action Conference will connect participants with leading community agencies and organizations, empower them with knowledge and skills to be effective leaders, and support the S.H.A.D.E. Project with 50% of all ticket sales.

Registration will take place at the MLK Student Union Building on the UC Berkeley campus, located near the intersection of Bancroft and Telegraph.



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